A week in Sumba

Sumba has been on our wishlist for a while, but you need a good week to be able to cross the island and see a few different places.

We first landed in Tambaloka airport, West of Sumba. We used Explore Sumba for a 6 days 5 nights package – all pictures you see below are from this itinerary. During those 5 days you will visit traditional Sumbanese villages that have those typical roofs based on local spirits beliefs. Also, be ready for amazing beaches and changing landscapes! Sumba’s colours palette can vary very quickly.



One of my favourite places was We’ekuri lagoon. It offers clear and fresh water to swim in with a calm and peaceful environment. Nearby this lagoon you can see endless beaches and impressive cliffs.DSC01763DSC01780DSC01808.JPG

In the next days we moved a lot deeper in the island and headed East, we crossed green hills, arid plains, mediterranean looking forests. We were surprised by the richness of this island.

IMG_2437.jpgOnce on the East cost everything turned to warmer colours with yellows, browns and oranges. And lots of horses!

IMG_2522IMG_2532.jpgOur guides brought us to empty beaches, with white sands, palm trees and clear water. This beach was the emptiest and cleanest I have ever seen in my time in Indonesia. It was paradisiac.

IMG_2544.jpgIMG_2539.jpgAnother thing to know about Sumba: its sunsets. You will have a clear sky, with unexpected colour changes.


Finally, make some time to visit local shops and get to know the local weaving technics. Not only will you respect more the time and know-how locals put in it, you will bring home a beautiful piece that will remind you of your trip.IMG_2493.jpg

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