An illustrated map of Yogyakarta, the soul of Java.

Hello everyone! 2021 is here and I am finally sharing with you this exciting project: a unique illustrated map of Yogyakarta (also known as Yogya), my favourite city in the Indonesian archipelago. I fell in love with this capital of traditional crafts and rich cultural heritage, so it was an incredible opportunity to create it on paper for popmydayaroundtheworld. They make unique city guides in collaboration with locals who give you their best and coolest addresses to make it a one in a lifetime experience. I am full of hope that 2021 will bring us to new places.

If you’d like to participate in the crowdfunding to make this map happen and receive your city guide, please click here .

Here are some of my illustrations for Yogya’s key places to give you a sneak peek of our upcoming map’s icons and directory.

As for the map’s packaging, I decided to go for an illustration of a gamelan concert. Gamelan… I have been bewitched by it. And I bet you would be too. Hearing gamelan is one thing, standing in front of a whole orchestra of gamelan players, all dressed beautifully with hats and sarong, playing on their red and gold instruments is another thing. There were enormous gongs, instruments that looked like xylophones and drums, and other gold devices I never saw before. It felt like one instrument was playing but I could see dozens of people carefully playing. It instantly calmed me, brought me peace and felt very deep. It was an intense experience for me, and I’d love you to discover it too!

I cannot wait to hold the final map in my hands. This will be one of the biggest projects I have worked on so far. I will keep you posted once it’s printed.

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