I am Clémentine, watercolour enthusiast based in Wiesbaden. I mostly use watercolor to bring my ideas to life. I have been drawing and painting since I was a kid, it has always been my passion. I started to illustrate for friends who came to me for custom birthday cards, poster for their kid’s bedrooms or personalized notebooks. They were looking for a specific universe, very colorful, focusing on fauna and flora with a cute touch. That’s how it all started. Then thanks to word of mouth I got brides to be or new parents knocking on my door, looking for a custom painting.

My art evolves mostly around nature and animals, they inspire me for all my illustrations: stationery, wedding invitations, birthday cards, birth announcement and kid’s decorative items. Working on happy life events such as wedding, birth announcement or family portraits brings me a lot of joy and motivation. I like to create art that relates to happy memories, so that people can share their joy with their loved ones.

Do you have a special idea in mind? Don’t hesitate to contact me to see if your project can come to life with my brushes!