Hi! I’m Clémentine Triot, French living in Jakarta, Indonesia. I spend most of my free time drawing and painting (watercolour medium) and traveling, whenever I can, in this beautiful archipelago I live in.

I have a deep love for blues and greens, and for wildlife. I have always drawn and painted since childhood, being encouraged by my parents. I started with pencils and gouache, then pastels later on, followed by oil painting for a while and now I’m very fond of watercolour. I’ve followed different courses of drawing techniques from cartoon to model drawing.

Until 2018 drawing and painting was strictly a hobby during my free time and very few people would ever see my work outside of my home. I started making personalised illustrations and prints for friends and families for fun, mouth of word started, and I got people interested in having their personalised notebook, ordering greeting cards for Christmas or wish cards for birthdays.