Hi there!

Thank you for being here and taking the time to read me. Here is a little bit of my story.

I was the kind of kid drawing all the time, asking Paint by numbers for birthdays, spending hours at art shops and begging my mom to buy me new pencils or brushes. My parents have been very supportive and had me attend art classes, drawing lessons and any creative activity I wanted. Now being an adult, I realize the money spent in arts and crafts for a kid’s hobby…  Fast forward a few years, I’m in high school and applying to famous art schools in Paris. My parents were not naïve and told me to apply to university as a back up plan. Good thing they did as I wasn’t selected and ended up to study advertising and marketing, which I loved!

Now, where I am standing today, I think there was a good reason for it. I have a Communication & Adverting diploma and Marketing & Business Bachelor from France and the UK (where I met my husband).  Those led me to a Marketing and Business Development career in Asia, where I spent 7 years working for established companies and startups. I have learnt a great deal about organization, office life, team management and above all entrepreneurship. I was working my butt off, coming home late at night and still waking up early on weekends to get some time to draw and paint. I was picturing drawings, shapes, colors or motifs while commuting, on my lunch break or in the shower. My brain couldn’t switch off. At the birth of my daughter, I decided to leave my job which was way too intense and take care of her and give this creative career a try. Shortly after, covid happened and my husband got an opportunity in Germany.

And here I am in Wiesbaden, with my plan to become a part-time freelance illustrator. Because yes, I am looking for a job here, I love marketing and project management too much to let it go entirely. Ideally, I’d have my little illustration business to take care on evenings and weekends. So while job hunting, I have trained for surface pattern design, Illustrator, vectors, color theory and much more to be able to apply all my ideas. Watercolor is and will always be my favorite medium, but this is so great that technology is helping me to apply it for different applications from stationery to wallpaper or textiles!

Now you know a little bit more about me, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest to see my latest work.


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