Christmas Pattern Challenge 2020

Hi there! December is here already and I was very lucky to get snow on the first day of the month, here in Wiesbaden. This definitely helped me to get in the festive mood!

Living in Asia for so long meant no winter, no snow, no chimney fire, no kitted sweater, no warm socks, no hot chocolate… you got the idea. Every December, I struggled to get my creativity and Christmas spirit on. As a watercolor artist and illustrator, this can be very frustrating. I was looking desperately at my Pinterest or Instagram feed with incredible photos of cities covered in snow, families getting ready for Christmas decorating their houses, or people just looking out the window with a hot chocolate. So this year, as I am spending my first winter in Europe, I decided to challenge myself: I would (try) to make a Christmas inspired pattern every day of the month. Firstly, it would help me to put into practice the training I got earlier this year with Bonnie Christine. Secondly, it would push me to draw or paint a little bit everyday. And thirdly, I was in the perfect environment to get inspired.

My only limitation for this challenge was to be Christmas themed. This is a very personal approach as some things I judge Christmasy might not be for some of you, as you may live in an area where snow is there most of the year, or live in a little wooden house. I could use any medium (watercolor, digital illustration) and any colour (Christmas traditional red and greens are not my favorites, as you will see).

You can discover the new additions to the challenge everyday, I will regularly upload on my Pinterest and Instagram profiles. If you are interested in getting one of those patterns, please do contact me here. And don’t forget to follow my accounts as I may have a little surprise for you on the 24th of December!

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